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Back-to-School Charging Essentials

August 14, 2020

It is officially time to go back to school. This year, it looks much different from years past. Schools across the country, from grade schools to colleges and universities, have to decide whether students will return to the classroom, opt...


Must-Have Gadgets for Your Summer Road Trip

July 21, 2020

Summer is the perfect time to take a road trip. You can plan out a specific route and sites to see along the way or you can just see where the road takes you. To keep your trip fun and...


10 Tips For Staying Focused And Charged While Working Remotely

June 9, 2020

With many employees working remotely and some now permanently, we wanted to provide some helpful tips to help you stay focused and charged so you can be the most productive. Tip 1: Create a work station Not everyone has a...


Why That $9.99 Charger Won’t Make It Past Summer

May 14, 2020

They’re everywhere – from convenience stores to gas stations to Amazon and Walmart – with pricing all over the place. From a typical consumer’s perspective, it almost seems absurd to pay a higher price for a charger when a wall...