Spring Cleaning: How to Clean and Organize your Smartphone

With the spring season upon us, there’s no better feeling than cleaning your home after a long, harsh winter. But what about your mobile device? After months of staying in and using your phone nonstop to stay connected to loved ones and for entertainment, you might realize your device is running slower than usual. With spring cleaning top of mind, it’s time to do a much-needed overhaul on your phone. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to clean your phone from the inside to the outside!

Say goodbye to useless apps
The most obvious reason your phone has taken a turn for the worse is typically due to pages of useless apps. First things first, delete any app that you don’t use regularly. Don’t recognize the name or icon of the app? It’s a prime candidate for removal. Haven’t used the app in more than a month? Remove it and reinstall it at a later time when it is needed. If you find yourself on the fence about deleting a particular app, take a look at your storage in your settings folder where you can see a full breakdown of how much space each application is taking up on your phone and might help you decide on whether or not to keep it.

After deleting the apps, take a moment to reorganize your home screen. The applications you use the most should be on the main screen, while apps that are used less frequently should be placed in categories on the following pages.

Delete unwanted media before uploading the rest to the cloud
We know the importance of photos and videos, that’s why we suggest uploading your media to the cloud or using any of the Essential Elixage Charge/Sync Cables to transfer files from your phone to your computer. However, before you start relocating these memories to another device, it’s important to delete the unflattering and the unwanted shots first. The bad selfies and blurry shots can go. Once deleted and files have been moved, you’ll have plenty more space for future memories.

Pro tip: Do this task periodically. Otherwise, you’re looking at a hefty chunk of time deleting and transferring images.

Start making a habit of turning your phone off and on
Every application on your phone creates temporary data. Eventually this data accumulates over time and slows your mobile phone down. The fastest way to avoid carrying this useless information is to simply turn your phone off, let it rest for a minute, then turn it back on.

Another advantage of taking this step is allowing the apps on your device a chance to update since they cannot do so while your phone is on. Updates to your apps and software promotes extra security against malware and avoids potential crashes from occurring.

Clean up your contact list
Haven’t spoken to Paul or Suzy in years? Have several duplicate contact entries? It’s time to delete some numbers. Though this can be a meticulous task if done in one sitting, it’s best to break it down by a letter a day. Basic rules to stick to are eliminating anyone you don’t remember or contacts you no longer need. Merge entries when you find duplicates and start adding additional information when possible – address, birthday, etc.

Pro tip: Disable any contact syncing with future apps. Many times this will duplicate a contact with unnecessary information from the app.

Delete old texts
If you find yourself in GIF battles between friends or oversharing photos and videos with family, there’s a good chance your storage is filled with old conversations loaded with media. The simplest method to free up space is deleting these messages in their entirety. However, if you would rather hold on to the text thread, you can delete large images or files separately. General instructions to do so are below, but if these instructions do not work on your device, see your device’s manual.

     iOS: Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages

     Android: Settings > Storage > Photos and Videos > Images > Photos on device

Sanitize your phone
When you’re done clearing out all the junk inside your phone, it’s time to clean and sanitize the outside. Considering our mobile devices are covered in bacteria and germs on a daily basis and may even include some of the worst germs like E. coli, Staph and Streptococcus, it goes without saying you need to “wash” your phone. No need for toxic chemicals, heat or liquids, the best way to stop the spread of harmful bacteria and safely clean your phone is with the Elixage Wireless Charger + UV-C Sanitizer.

Equipped with eight superior strength UV-C LEDs that provide a full 360-degree coverage on your mobile device and other items, this sanitizer eliminates 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria* in under five minutes. The eight LEDs deliver a total optical power of 1.6W, which is 40% more sanitization power than leading UV-C lamp-based sanitizers on the market. Not only can you sanitize your device, but you can wirelessly fast charge while it’s disinfecting – something you may need to do after deleting photos and updating contacts. While your phone sanitizes or charges, the lid’s window allows you to view phone notifications while also blocking UV rays. The large, spacious chamber fits most phones with rugged cases and can sanitize any item that fits including keys and cash.

Pro tip: For extra cleaning, remove your phone case and sanitize your device and cover separately.

*Tested by ISO accredited third party labs against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus subspecies Aureus and Salmonella enterica subspecies Enterica.

That’s a wrap… almost
There’s nothing worse than knotted cables, twisted together to create one giant ball of frustration. Many cables are made of plastic materials that easily tangle so it’s difficult to organize and keep these cables neat. You can try to wrap these types of cables and secure them with a binder clip or twist tie. Rather than a do-it-yourself solution, you could buy cable ties. You can find solutions that vary in material, color and sizes. Some cables even include a cable wrap made from various materials like Velcro and leather. The wraps will help hold your cables together neatly and to the preferred length.

Pro tip: The Essential Elixage Certified Cables, made of durable nylon braided material and available in many lengths, include a leather cable organizer that keeps your cable tidy and secures it to the length needed while using it. It also helps keep your cable organized and tangle-free for compact storage and while traveling.





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