DO THE MATH! Why cheap is actually MORE expensive

iPhone Cable

It happened again – that third party cable once again stopped working, and you’re back on the internet searching for it’s replacement. Sound familiar?

Let’s say you’re browsing online for a lightning cable for your iPhone 11. The prices are all over the place for what seems like the exact same product. Why does one 4 ft cable cost $14.99 and another $24.99? After all what’s the difference between one C to Lightning cable and another? So you opt for the cheaper one. That’s your first mistake.

Fast forward a couple months later, the end of the cable is all chewed up (even though you don’t have a dog) and now the connector barely holds a charge.

*Queue the headache*

Now you’re back online searching for yet another new cable to replace the one you just bought. Once again you purchase the lower priced option to save a few bucks and before too long the same thing happens. You find yourself in the same spot three or four times throughout the year buying new cables at $14.99 a piece to replace the damaged ones. The never ending cycle of buying poorly made cables continues. A year later, you’re out nearly $60+ bucks, still don’t have a functional cable, and you’re wondering why this keeps happening. Cheap cable conspiracy sets in.

So finally after tossing out yet another dead cord, you jump back on your computer and opt not to switch the setting to lowest price to highest. The durable, high quality 4′ Elixage cable that costs $24.99 pops up first. Scrolling through, you find out all Elixage cables have been strain relief tested for over 45,000 bends AND comes with a limited lifetime warranty. You then do the math – $60+ and endless frustration OR $24.99 and the security of knowing replacing your cables every couple of months will no longer be a task.

Listen – it’s not science. There’s a reason these third party cables are so cheap. They know their price tag is appealing, and they’re more than willing to bet you’ll be back to buy more of their faulty cords. So of course there’s no need to test and inspect their merchandise. Stop the madness, and charge your phone once and for all with a Apple MFi certified cable by Elixage that you’ll never need to replace, but MAY want to buy a second one… your S.O. will probably want their own, and we have no liability if your cable goes MIA.

Get your cable here!

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