Best Apps and Tech To Keep Your Resolutions

A new year means resolutions and a chance to start fresh while making positive lifestyle changes that will benefit us throughout the year. The problem is sticking to them. Here is a helpful guide to keep you focused on achieving your resolution. Below are the most common resolutions for 2021 and the best apps and tech that will help you succeed.

Resolution #1: Get Fit and Healthy

Eating right is easier said than done, especially when there are so many differing diets and nutritional products. If you really want to know what you’re putting in your body and exactly how many calories, download the MyFitnessPal app. With the largest database of food, products and even restaurants, MyFitnessPal is the best calories-counting app available. Offering insightful information on practically every food option on the market, their service helps users become more mindful of what they are consuming, while tracking food, weight, activity and several other metrics. If you’re looking to lose, gain or maintain weight this new year, MyFitnessPal is a great option to keep you on track.

SHRED: Home and Gym Workout
Looking to build some muscle this year? Couple your workout with SHRED, an app that creates workouts for you to do alongside some basic gym equipment. This app is a great stepping stone for those less experienced with muscle-building routines and need the guidance to get them through a successful workout. SHRED creates a complete program customized to your goals, so you know exactly which exercises to do, when to do them and how many repetitions.

Elixage Universal Power Bank
Dead headphones or phone is the absolute worst thing that can happen during a workout. Usually music helps motivate you and watching your favorite show on Netflix is a great distraction. With the Elixage Elite Universal Power Bank, keep your device powered while you power through your workout. Bring the power bank and the included USB-C to USB-C 8-inch cable with you for an extra boost of power when your device is running low. With the ability to charge your device up to three times faster compared to other power banks on the market, and the capability of dual device charging, your workout just became a whole lot better. The Elixage Universal Power Bank offers 18W of Power Delivery (PD) from the USB-C port and 12W of power from the USB-A port to quickly power and recharge devices to keep them going during your workout. Easily check battery level which shows the power percentage available from 0 to 100 with the LCD digital power indicator. The power button has an automatic power off (APO) that prevents overcharge and discharge. Get in a charged workout when you have Elixage Universal Power Bank in your gym bag.


Resolution #2: Save Money

Finances in a relationship can be a delicate subject – whether you’re newly engaged or celebrating your twentieth anniversary. Honeydue is the financial app you need in your relationship. With its ability to track all your bank accounts, loans and investments, Honeydue helps couples coordinate their bills and finances all in one spot without having to sift through different banking apps and websites. Honeydue also offers split expenses and couples can easily pay their significant other within the app.

Acorns is the digital version of your loose change jar, minus having to physically empty it out at the bank. The service is based on converting your loose change into exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In this case, rounding up your credit or debit card purchase to the nearest dollar, then investing that change into ETFs. This process is completely automated, so you don’t have to do a thing. Though these investments are minor, the idea is your spare change will add up over time, giving you a profitable sum at the end of every quarter.

Elixage 45W GaN Wall Charger
Time is money. What better way to save time which translates to money than with a faster charger to get your devices fully charged at the fastest rate possible. The Elixage Elite Power Delivery (PD) 45W GaN Wall Charger provides up to 45W of power which is enough to charge your MacBook Pro 13-inch in just 2.1 hours compared to 4 hours or your Samsung Galaxy S10+ in just 1.5 hours compared to 3 hours. It’s ultra-lightweight and has a slim design that can easily fit in your pocket and is perfect for narrow space outlets. This GaN charger wastes less power and emits less heat with its higher efficiency and improved safety. Using less electricity also means money saving benefits. For maximum performance, pair the Elixage 45W GaN Wall Charger with any Elixage Cables available in a variety of lengths to fit your needs.


Resolution #3: Clean Up

Elixage Wireless Charger + UV-C Sanitizer
Your phone is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A recent study found more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on mobile devices — that’s ten times more bacteria than what’s found on a toilet seat. If you happen to share your everyday gadgets, like a television remote or Amazon Firestick, you’re introducing even more potentially dangerous germs to the mix. Your best defense against the spread of harmful bacteria is the Elixage Wireless Charger + UV-C Sanitizer. Equipped with eight superior strength UV-C LEDs that provide a full 360-degree coverage on your mobile device and other gadgets, this sanitizer eliminates 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria* in under five minutes. All without the use of toxic chemicals, heat and liquids. The eight LEDs deliver a total optical power of 1.6W, which is 40% more sanitization power than leading UV-C lamp-based sanitizers on the market. It also includes the added benefit of 10W rapid wireless charging so you get the convenience of charging your phone. While your phone sanitizes or charges, the lid’s window allows you to view phone notifications while also blocking UV rays. The large, spacious chamber fits most phones with rugged cases and can sanitize any item that fits including keys and cash.

*Tested by ISO accredited third party labs against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus subspecies Aureus and Salmonella enterica subspecies Enterica.

Time to let go of the junk collected in your home. OfferUp is the trusted app over 44 million people use to buy and sell their stuff locally. From furniture and electronics to cars, users can browse deals on items and message securely through the app to negotiate price and set up a time to meet. For safety precautions, the app includes profiles of sellers and buyers with rating, badges and transaction history, so you have peace of mind with who you’re interacting with. With the largest mobile marketplace available, OfferUp is the best way to finally clean out the garage and basement and make some money doing so.

Dyson Pure Cool DP04 Purifying Fan
Cool down and clean the air around your home simultaneously with Dyson’s new Pure Cool DP04 Purifying Fan. With a HEPA filtration system that keeps allergens, bacteria, gases and pollutants at bay, the Dyson Pure Cool Fan LCD screen displays real-time reporting on pollutants and air quality levels in your home. The fan offers 10 speed settings and delivers over 77 gallons per second of circulating purified air throughout the entire room. You have access to the Dyson Link app on your smartphone to control the fan, plus the Dyson Pure Cool is Amazon Alexa compatible.


Resolution #4: Explore More

Get on the road and explore places you wouldn’t necessarily know about if traveling by air or by simply using Google Maps. The Roadtrippers app allows users to enter in their final destination and are then automatically given a list of places to visit and restaurants and breweries to try, that are along your route. The apps database includes millions of the world’s most interesting places to visit, helping you stay clear of the popular tourist attractions while finding the best places “off the beaten path.”

Elixage Dual Port Car Charger
Have a long road trip planned with the family and your passengers need some distraction? Keep them entertained with charged devices with the Elixage Power Delivery (PD) 36W Dual USB-C Car Charger. Delivering 36W of power (18W per device) to fast charge two devices at once, this car charger is perfect for sharing. Pair with your USB-C to USB-C cable to charge your devices with a USB-C port or pair with your USB-C to Lightning cable to power up your Apple devices with a Lightning port. Or for the best performance, pair with any Elixage USB-C and Lightning Cables available in several lengths including 8-inch, 4-foot, 6-foot and 10-foot. Built with a sleek and space-efficient design, the Elixage Dual Car Charger charges up to 70% faster and includes easy-to-see LED Power Indicators to clearly see devices are charging.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself when you travel and live like you’re one of the locals or escape and experience a one-of-a-kind home, we recommend staying in an Airbnb. This app takes a unique approach to lodging. While the majority of travelers have stayed at hotels and similar housing, Airbnb created an opportunity for vacationers across more than 191 countries to stay in another resident’s home. With specific filters, users can find homes that fit in their budget, location and offer unique accommodations that hotels might not have. From spending the night in a treehouse or a home with a private pool, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for on this app.


Resolution #5: Get Better Sleep

Elixage Dual Wireless Charging Pad
Though smart phones were designed to make our lives easier by providing information, entertainment and keeping us connected, our phones are also decreasing the amount of sleep we’re getting. Falling asleep should be a peaceful, relaxing experience; however, the blue light on our phones, alerts and the emotional triggers caused by scrolling through social media and email is causing us to lay awake at night. Not to mention there are dangers of using inexpensive cables and chargers near your bed. Firefighters warn that plugging your phone into a cheap/third-party charger and placing it on or under your pillow at night can be a major fire hazard.

The solution is to put your phone down away from your bed. Research shows cutting screen time by just 30 minutes before bed can lead to falling asleep faster and experiencing a more restful night sleep. Instead of plugging into a phone charger on your nightstand, create another area to charge devices with the Elixage 10W Qi Rapid Charge Dual Wireless Charging Pad. You can simply place your devices on the pad to wirelessly fast charge while you sleep. No need to remove your phone case, keep it on and rapid charge two devices simultaneously up to 44% faster than leading competitors* and charge a third device using the USB-A port located on the back of the wireless charging pad. Built with integrated LED power indicator lights that illuminates when charging, and a non-slip silicone surface that’ll keep your phone in place. The Elixage Wireless Dual Charger will charge at the fastest possible wireless input accepted and is tested and Qi certified to meet strict quality testing to ensure safety, effectiveness and compatibility with Qi-enabled devices.

*Product tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Fitbit Sense
The Fitbit Sense has added several more sensors to track everything from stress to blood oxygen levels, temperature and of course sleep. Though still considered a fitness tracker, Fitbit wants you to consider the Sense as your personal wellness coach to help monitor your daily health including while you sleep. With its lightweight design and 40mm case size, the Sense is the best wearable sleep tracker available. Paired with the app, Fitbit Sleep Stages gives you a daily look at your light, deep, REM and awake times and allows you to compare to previous night sleeps. The Sense is built with a tri-wavelength sensor and uses a SpO2 sensor to track estimated oxygen variation while you sleep. This measures the oxygen in your blood and can show potential disorders like sleep apnea. Each morning the Sense gives you a sleep score, which helps interpret your nights sleep. The score combines your night’s sleep duration, restoration, heart rate data, blood oxygen and time spent tossing and turning.

Zeeq Smart Pillow
The biggest reason for restless nights? Snorers. An estimated 45% of adults snore occasionally while 25% snore regularly, often disturbing their bed partner’s slumber along with their own. This year muffle the snores and get a better night’s sleep with the Zeeq Smart Pillow. Built with several smart features including streaming music for ambient sleep and sleep tracking, the Zeeq Pillow is best known for its snore detection. Once snoring is detected with its decibel-tuned microphone, the pillow’s two motors gently vibrate, encouraging you to roll over to a new position. The vibrations are definitely better than an elbow to the chest from your partner.

Resolutions are often hard to keep, but when you take advantage of the newest technology and apps available, keeping your resolutions going strong in 2021 will be a bit easier.


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